NAWOT Discovery Series is a game of discovery. Each of our community that hold a NAWOT NFT have a chance to win 100,000,000,000 $NAWOT.

4 Clues are given and the 4 Answers of those clues are placed into the Password Page to open the treasure chest and win the $NAWOT BANK.

10% of the total supply of the $NAWOT TOKENS will be gifted to the winner of Discovery Series.

This is life changing wealth and we are excited to present this to our FIRST WINNER.



NAWOT NFT SLOTS is a brand new concept for block chain technology.

This slot machine meta-game gives you the chance to play for NFT’s and a winning combination opens the MINT VORTEX for a SUPER RARE NFT.

The NAWOT NFT SLOT MACHINE is the first of its type in the Blockchain Metaverse and we are currently in production of this awesome NFT GAME.

You can also win millions in $NAWOT TOKENS & access to other levels of the METAVERSE .


NAWOT POKER is currently in production and under a cloak of secrecy for the moment.

NAWOT POKER is like nothing you have ever seen in the Metaverse and we are totally excited to unveil it to our community very soon.

NAWOT POKER users $NAWOT TOKENS to play, plus we have a host of other “real world” prizes and some surprises that will be revealed in the near future.

The NAWOT METAVERSE is growing rapidly behind the scenes, and we will be revealing a multitude of blockchain games as we grow.