ShibaSwap – Shiba Inu Swap Is A Winner! – Shiba Inu Delivers Great Returns!

Once Shiba Swap was touted to the Shib Army as the best thing to happen to a “meme coin”, we waited patiently for about 6 weeks, checking Twitter religiously to see if the Shiba Token Leader Shytoshi Kusama had updated his status.

Well!, it finally arrived and blew the meme coin revolution out of the stratosphere. To say it is awesome would be an understatement and it proves that people around the world want to believe in their own currency they choose to better their lives. I know for a fact that its is making me smile everyday I look into my “woof” panel on the system.

While providing liquidity for the new Shiba Inu Bone Token , I am making daily returns of roughly $200 per day “woofing tokens” that now amount to over 50 Bone with the current price of roughly $5 each.

At the start of the liquidity launch, the returns were over 1600% and now after 1 week of Shiba Swap it is roughly 350% returns. Unbelievable returns for an investment of roughly $2000 USD.

I understand this is purely a liquidity event with only a few days to go, but I am looking forward to what happens next. While the market bounces around, I feel I have made the right choice betting on Shiba Inu Token and Shiba Swap for long term gains.

I have also Buried 300 mil Shib and wait in anticipation for those returns to show themselves in the next few days. I will update when that happens.