NAWOT  is an autonomous ecosystem where “NAWOT’S” can collect and play exciting games in the NAWOT METAVERSE, which is infused on the Cardano ecosphere. All NAWOT Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) & NAWOT TOKEN assets are indivisible, and are defined by their scarcity through the game play and entry into the NAWOT METAVERSE.

Although NAWOT  may appear to solely function as a NFT Game, it’s much bigger than that. THE NAWOT  METAVERSE allows users to earn $NAWOT  tokens (that are openly traded) by playing games & a host of other cool things we have in the works. Please check GAMES for what is in the pipeline.

NAWOT  offers an inclusive ecosystem, open to all demographics & less tech-savvy users. Through gamification, low price barriers for entry, and investor ownership mechanics, the game makes blockchain technology accessible to a broad consumer base, including new participants to the cryptocurrency and NFT space.

$NAWOT TOKEN is necessary to fuel transactions, which includes purchasing NFT’S and GAME PLAY. First generation smart contracts have 12 NAWOT collectable / playing cards of  each of the NAWOT TEAM & THE NAWOT TOKEN NFT. Each NFT includes a high quality conceptual rendering with blockchain level security; ownership cannot be replicated, taken away, or destroyed. Select First Generation NFT’s have special ownership benefits as the game progresses & a few lucky NFT owners get the chance to WIN BILLIONS IN PRIZES!

THE NAWOT METAVERSE is more than an NFT PLAY, it is crypto journey that is planned to last for at least one generation.  We look forward to becoming a global leader in FUN & COMMUNITY on the Blockchain.


The NAWOT team is stacked with some of the leading artists, animators & minds in game development & crypto economics. As the NAWOT BRAND grows we will add new leaders in their space to our team.

The artistic & technical development of the game is led by creative dedicated individuals, whose driving focus is to ensure long-term playability, functional in-game economics, and seamless integration with the rapidly advancing Cardano blockchain technology.

NAWOT ’s technology supports a rich, in-game experience, but what sets us apart from other NFT-based games is the vast potential for broad social consumption. The NAWOT social network has the potential to revolutionize blockchain engagement, and realistically engage millions of users who have never been exposed to Crypto before!

We are on a journey and we look forward to the future for NAWOT and our NAWOT FAMILY.


NAWOT is developing as a way to introduce blockchain technology, specifically NFTs & GAMING, to a totally new market of collectors & players, by combining the proven success of GAMES, NFT’s and TOKENS. We feel that NFT GAMING is in its infancy, and we are driven to be a leading brand in this exciting artistic space.

NAWOT will endeavor to create a seamless platform for users to enter a multi level metaverse of cryptocurrency, bridging NFT’S, GAMING & TOKENS.

NAWOT’S goal is to provide ART, GAMING and sustainable NFT technology to the masses. Further more, NAWOT builds on the traditional NFT model of artistry and scarcity that offers players the opportunity for potentially lucrative rewards by just holding or playing.

While the $NAWOT token currently resides in a crypto gaming economy, it is our plan to merge both the digital crypto world and the real world. NAWOT’S utility can be potentially used in many other aspects of gaming & commerce in something we call “REAL LIFE PLAY”, that will become clearer as the METAVERSE expands.


Our first NFT launch “NAWOT DISCOVERY SERIES”, will commence Q3 2022.

NAWOT NFT Game is a simple game of discovering 4 answers to 4 clues and then answering the 4 passwords to WIN THE BANK!

The game is over a 4 week period and every week for 4 weeks, a new clue is given, with the first winner to correctly answer the 4 passwords, winning 100,000,000,000 of $NAWOT TOKENS! This is LIFE CHANGING MONEY!

All you have to do is MINT a NAWOT Discovery Series NFT, join the NAWOT DISCORD group and play along with the rest of the NAWOT COMMUNITY.

There are only 10,000 NAWOT TOKEN NFT’S that will ever be minted and these 10,000 Cards have great value in the Discovery Series game as well as the whole NAWOT METAVERSE as we move forward.

We love the NAWOT Community & believe in rewarding GEN 1 holders!



We have 1,000,000,000,000 (1 Trillion) NAWOT TOKENS MINTED on the Binance Smart Chain and we have specifically chosen BSC because of the low gas fees unlike Etherium, and we feel BSC will lead the way in the near future.

You can find our BSC scan of Nawot Tokens here: https://bscscan.com/token/0x0461258c2a25bfe76d5dee5e68e0cd40bd029130

We will add liquidity to the tokens after our Nawot Discovery Series NFT play as our tokenomics pie chart states below.




  • Where did NAWOT come from?

From the Metaverse, they travelled here via a Galactic Portal!

  • How do you pronounce NAWOT?

say it like Nar What 🙂

  • How does the giveaway work?

Please see our giveaway section in the Discord.. http://discord.io/NAWOT

  • Are the NAWOT NFT’S generated via coding large batches?

NO.. ALL of the NAWOT ART is hand designed & and there are no coded batches like most others on the market.

  • What is the future of the NAWOT METAVERSE?

As the NAWOT BRAND grows we are building new technology to be able to give our community a full METAVERSE unlike anything they have ever seen. It will include all sorts of FUN & EXCITING games and real world experiences. WATCH THIS SPACE!

  • When does the Discovery Series NFT Game start?

Within 48 hours after the last of the 10,000 Token NFT cards are minted.

  • How much is a 100,000,000,000 $NAWOT worth?

25% of NAWOT NFT sales will be liquidity for the the NAWOT TOKEN.

Please check the Tokenomics for the Discovery Series, this outlines the exact fund distribution to the NAWOT Token.

We estimate the NAWOT TOKEN  Discovery Series {WIN THE BANK ) prize will be approximately $50,000 at the time of the DISCOVERY SERIES 1 game ending.

As you see it is a LIFE CHANGING MAJOR PRIZE for a small outlay with a very limited release of only 10,000 Cards.

  • Liquidity

    Nawot Token Liquidity

  • The Bank

    Series Winner!

  • Developers

    Series 1 Dev

  • Nawot Fund

    New Projects

  • Charity

    Voted Charities

  • Private Sale

    Investor Dividend

NAWOT Funds Allocation – Discovery Series 1
  • Liquidity – Nawot Token Liquidity: 25% will be allocated to NAWOT TOKEN liquidity prior to token launch.
  • The Bank – Series Winner: 10% of all TOKEN NFT sales will be allocated to the BANK WALLET. 1% will be sent to the winners wallet every month for 10 months.
  • Developers – Series 1 Developers: 25% will be divided into the developers wallet via installments of 1% every month for 25 months.
  • Nawot Fund – New Projects: 20% will be allocated to fund the new projects coming up on the NAWOT platform. Many exciting games and technology are in the works as well as more NFT series.
  • Charity – Voted Charities: 10% of TOKEN NFT sales will be disbursed amongst 2 charities. The NAWOT COMMUNITY will have full voting rights over the Charities chosen.
  • Private Sale – Investor Dividend: 10% will be divided into the investors wallet via installments of 1% every month for 10 months.